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Would you like to discover the art of « lettering »? 
Learn how to draw beautiful letters and convey your messages in the most unique way. Add personality to your decoration by writing your own words. With well-formed lettering, your chalboards, windows, cards and invitations will have a distinctive and unique style!

Come join me and learn about hand lettering while having a good time!


After a brief reminder about the essentials of style, balance,rythm and contrast,
we will learn basic letter building techniques. 
We will explore some hacks to decorate and add cool effects to the letters.
Composition techniques will then help to go from letters to words and sentences.

Workshop goals

Get to know essential notions and technique to draw letters correctly
and create balance between letters and words.

Through fun exercises, learn how to create easy effects to decorate letters.

Learn easily replicable methods allowing you to include hand lettering
to your own creative projects. 


Duration : 3 hours - Level : beginner - 45 €

including all necessary material

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