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(from oniro-, relating to dreams and -graph, to express by written characters, to draw)

My name is Magali and I am a hand lettering artist.

I specialize in drawing letters and I like to give cool effects to words. 

I design compositions combining lettering and illustration in order to embellish
blackboards, shop windows, murals, stationery, or any support that can be written on.

As a self-taught artist, I have earned my stripes by working for
coffee shops, restaurants, stores and individuals, in France and abroad.

I keep on learning and refining my skills by taking online classes and working on personal projects.

When I'm not drawing, you will find me home, in front of the screen where I translate or write,
or in the kitchen where I cook vegetarian recipes with wine (guess if I had it to the food!).
All of this, under the loyal supervision of chubby Figaro, the Onirographicat!

If I'm not home, maybe I went to work out or to wander in nature with my backpack and camera.

Drop me a message if you want to speak about your project!

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